Becoming a Certified Foodservice Professional is something that is earned through the North American Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer (NAFEM). It Requires the applicant to have the required number of points. Points are earned by the applicant going to different tradeshows, education, etc. You have to document each criterion and prove it.

Going to Multiple tradeshows proves that you have been in an environment that is based upon consumers coming to view your product and you have the proper knowledge or your product. In additional you also start to learn about other vendors an what they make, expanding your overall manufacturer and equipment network.

Education is also something that is judged on in the criteria. Whether that be you level of completion in college, your SERV safe level or any kind of Continuing education. These all demonstrate the level of knowledge that you have acquired in your career and lifetime. Food and Product knowledge is the basis on which the Certified Food Service Professional program is based on.