Change is a beautiful thing. This is especially true in the foodservice industry. So, when a group of executives are sitting in board rooms all day listening to presentations from different vendors, we decided to change it up when it was our turn. Rather than hit them with 20 minutes of a PowerPoint presentation, we set up a Skype call for them to see me in a live demonstration in the Thermodyne Test Kitchen.

They were in Phoenix, Arizona and I was in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Through Skype they could see me in action using our equipment. It created a more personal touch, seeing it in action versus pictures of it on a presentation. The live stream was perfectly coordinated between myself and our salesmen John Benner, who was in Phoenix giving the presentation. He painted it out like it was going to be some boring speech, but instead cut his presentation off in the middle and told the executives that we were going live to the test kitchen to see the equipment in action. After introducing myself and welcoming them into my test kitchen, I began cooking. I was searing burgers on the American Griddle and slicing prime rib that was cooked in the Thermodyne, all while he answered people questions. It was an excellent experience that helped create a seeing is believing type of mentality.