When it comes to gathering information or discovering new ideas, there are many resources. Unfortunately, many of these resources are online or in magazines. Every once and a while though, there are gatherings where people come together to display all their equipment, products or skills to show off to customers and clients. These events are called tradeshows.

Discovering new and exciting ideas or gadgets is a thrill to anyone and everyone. The value and knowledge that can be obtained at these events are surreal. The best part of it all is that everyone that is at the tradeshow that you are at, is most likely in your field and interested in the same things that you are. The market for networking here is huge.

The next time you think about “just another convention,” it is what you make of it. Are you there to network? Discover? Mingle? Whatever the case may be, the value of a tradeshow is only measure by what you put into it and what you take out of it.