With big steakhouses, come big portions. With more elaborate tasting menus, comes a smaller portion. Does the difference in portion size come with a difference in quality? Let’s break it all down.

If you go to a bad restaurant, you will get lousy food regardless of portion size. If you go to a good restaurant, then you’ll get great tasting food. Smaller portions are designed to let the diner explore more options with their palate. However, if your favorite thing is the 24oz ribeye with the one-pound baked potato, then you go straight for it and don’t look back. A chef can make a pair of beautifully seared scallops look very elegant with a few sauces and garnishes. In the same breath, they can also make a heaping pile of baked macaroni and cheese look just as delicious.

Now that you have a chef’s insight on it, don’t always believe the hype that quantity effects quality.  The quality of the person making the food and the quality of the ingredients affects the final outcome of the food.