A gap is defined as an unfilled space or interval. Every aspect of life has gaps but this a Chef blog, so lets discuss kitchen gaps. How can we help eliminate the unfilled intervals that we as chefs face? Unfilled time during cooking, unfilled time while the operations are closed, etc. How can we fill these gaps?

Lets explore the option of filling in time while the operations are closed. If you are serving a short rib on your menu, does make sense to cook it in an oven while your prepping in the morning or is it more sensible to have it slow cooking overnight sous vide. Think about it, you can be cooking around the clock by utilizing that time no one is there doing anything. Cooking around the clock in a separate piece of equipment that no one is trying to use during regular business hours. There are many different options for slow cooking, ranging from immersion circulators to conduction heated cabinets. I like to use Thermodyne cook and hold ovens for all my applications (www.tdyne.com). Next time you are determining what the gaps are in your kitchen, be prepared to figure out how to close that gap.