Have you ever been eating dinner out and while enjoying it, thought to yourself “I wonder how this all came together?” Whether it was a burger from a Gastro Pub or a 5-course tasting menu, everything comes from a recipe and procedure. How did that recipe come together though? Did the chef sit there for an hour or so drinking coffee wonder what they could pair together in order to make a great dish or did it come to him one night in a dream. Telling you from experience, every Chef has the way they like to come up with these recipes but also every chef has done both scenarios and a hundred more ways. I’m not saying that the recipe is perfect from the get-go, but the base is there, and it will be tweaked from there.

How you proceed with the recipe after that is also a whole different story. Anyone that is the culinary world will tell you that consistency is recipes vital to a successful operation. How do you keep your recipes? Is all your recipe logged in a spiral notebook that the prep cooks have doodled on for the past 3 years? A Nice laminated binder in which all the recipes are laid out in a nice Excel Spreadsheet? Even a high-tech cloud-based format so you can share recipe throughout your entire empire of Restaurants? The next time you are indulging in a meal and you are wondering how this delicious meal was created, remember that every element has a purpose and procedure.