A Question that Chefs get very often is: Do you cook at home? Short answer is yes but the long answer is when they have time and energy. Think of it this way, when a chef or cook is at work all day they are constantly cooking and tasting food. It’s their job, their passion, their life, but what happens when they clock out and go home? Most chef’s I know do one of two things, they either go someplace for late night drinks/tacos or they go home and get on some sort of gaming console and pour a bowl of cereal. Why? Because after being on their feet all day think about food, they need an escape. Just like everyone is different, so is their form of escape. To back track, no most chefs don’t cook themselves the caliber of dinner they serve their diners every night. A few times a week most restaurant employees will go out for some late night fun, usually that comes in the form of drinks, tacos, Ramen, 3 am breakfasts or a run to China town.

Let’s fast forward to say Sunday evening, they didn’t work today or at the very least they just had to serve brunch. This is an instance when most chefs will get creative and invite friends and family over for a meal. Perhaps it’s an old school roasted protein or a new dish that they have been experimenting with. Either way it’s their time to cook a nice meal and consume it themselves. Having put the time and effort into that they feel they deserve. Come Monday they will be back to tasting superior food while working the line and back to eating quick mediocre food post shift.

Chefs must constantly inspire themselves to better themselves. Staying up on food trends and seasonality of ingredients. It is an intense industry, with high demand for perusing perfection.