As chefs, we are in continually evolving job. With new trends and techniques being discovered and used every day, we are in constant need of keeping our “Game” at peak status. But figuring out how to keep our game on point is always a struggle, here are a few ways to help further develop your skills.

  1. Workshops- Many well-known chefs are constantly putting on hands-on workshops. Teaching people about new skills or techniques that they themselves have learned or developed. At these kinds of events, you can even network with other chefs in attendance and network with them and use them as valuable resources.
  2. Social Media- The modern chef has learned that posting and talking about food is the easiest way to showcase their skills. It is also a great way to learn from others, seeing plating techniques, discovering new ingredients and making connects with chefs near and far.
  3. Stage- Staging is an old school way of learning for those better than you, basically working for knowledge and not money. No chef is ever too experienced to learn something new. Working alongside a great chef is a way to learn something new.
  4. Reading- Many chefs have published cookbooks and autobiographies. Learning from someone’s recipes is a great way to expand your skill set. Also reading a biography of a chef is a great way to get inspired and learn about what they did to get to that level.

Inspiration is the key to better yourself, so take these tips and run with them. Use every resource available to you to make yourself the best Chef you can be and take your game to the next level!