About a year and a half ago I became a ServSafe Proctor/Instructor. Next week I will be teaching my first class. I am nervous for my first time teaching the exam. While I am fully prepared with my all my materials; PowerPoint, DVDs, and paperwork, it is my first time teaching a class. I feel once the class begins though, I will fall into a rhythm and hopefully be calm and collected.

In preparing for proctoring this exam, I did my research on what to use for teaching and how to set myself up for success. The one thing I almost forgot, I had to order the test sheets. I assumed that the “packet” that I was sent to me was everything that I needed as a Proctor. Luckily, I reread everything and sent an email to someone at ServSafe asking specifically what was and was not included in the packet. Getting everything straightened out I have now gone over the slideshow and prepared my notes and am feeling confident that I can deliver a solid course to those individuals and teach them everything they need to know about food safety. Wish me Luck!