Gooey Grilled Cheese

Sour Dough                                                     2, Slices

Mayo                                                                2 Tbl.

Whole Butter Softened                                2 Tbl.

Murray Yellow Cheddar                               3 Oz.

Murray Smoked White Cheddar                               2 Oz.

  1. Start by preheating your pan or griddle; you want a medium heat.
  2. Shredded your block cheese and measure out 3oz. of yellow cheddar and 2oz. of white cheddar.
  3. Apply 1 Tbl. of mayo to each piece of bread, then apply 1 Tbl. of butter on top of the layer of mayo.
  4. Lay the buttered side down in your pan.
  5. Next, evenly sprinkle the cheese over the bread, sprinkle a bit over the edge of the bread so it lands on the pan. This will cause those bits to get nice and crunchy and give your grilled cheese more texture.
  6. Allow it to cook for 7 minutes over medium heat on your American Griddle or whatever griddle you may use. A lot of people make the mistake of cooking it over to high of a heat.  You’ll get a quicker crust on you bread but won’t remove the moisture out of the bread resulting in a soggy sandwich. Take your time and cook it over medium heat and let the bread dry out and the cheese to slowly melt.
  7. After 7 minutes, carefully fold over your sandwich.
  8. Let it rest on a wire rack for 1 minute before slicing. This allows the top and bottom layers of the cheese to really come together to form one nice layer of cheese.
  9. Finally cut your griddle cheese and serve.