I recently came across a question on a chef forum, which was asking professional chefs what they wear in the kitchen. I was surprised to read a lot of the comments.

I was brought up in the culinary world of chefs wearing their “whites.”  Wearing chef whites merely means a chef is in a double breasted white chef coat with black and white checkered pants. This is traditionally worn with a bistro or bib apron and a toque. However, like most things in this word, the attire of a chef has evolved. Along with such movements as farm-to-table and molecular gastronomy, chefs have in a way become more relaxed in their attire. Maybe this is because chefs have learned over the years that their job is as stressful and chaotic as humanly possible. So why not at least do your job in something comfortable.

For me I always felt most comfortable in a black double-breasted chef coat with lightweight black Cherokee scrub bottoms. A professional look always made me feel comfortable and confident. Being that I worked in a high-end steakhouse, it just seemed like it was the proper attire to match the setting of the restaurant. I have nothing against the classic pub chef that wears a t-shirt and jeans but is still putting out damn good food to go with the feeling of the pub. At the end of the day, it’s not about what a chef wears but rather the talent they possess.