Commonly known as a Virtual Kitchen, Dark Kitchen or Cloud Kitchen. A Ghost Kitchen is a remote Kitchen that is set up for delivery only. Basically, an establishment will create these alternative kitchens as a solution to keep up with the demand of consumers. They run primarily through third party delivery services like Uber Eats, Door Dash, Waiter on the Way, Etc. Benefits to these Ghosts kitchen are that they are super easy to set up. They require no store front or dining room, require smaller space but are still able to product the same food at the Mother Restaurant or they can even house multiple Restaurants. So basically, when you call to get takeout from your favorite Chinese Restaurant on the west side of town, it might actually be produced on the South Side but you’ll never know. Now make no mistake about it. These are still Restaurant Quality spaces that go through the same inspections and Regulations as any other Restaurant. They are just another way for Restaurants to make more money, or is it?

Third party delivery systems will charge the Restaurant up to 30% of the total order- that is after all how they make their money. So, to compensate for this, Restaurants will hike up their prices for Delivery, so the Entrée that you order at the Restaurant and the entrée that you order online may be two different prices. Combine that will delivery fee, tip and you could be looking at spending up to 60% more for that food to be delivered to you. You must ask yourself what is convenience worth to you these days?