So what happens when the Chef gets hit by the bus? I’m not talking about an imaginary emotional bus that knocks you off your game. I’m talking about the big yellow school bus or Greyhound touring bus. When the chef is physically hit by the bus and he’s is no longer around to do his job. So, what happens now? The food must go one, right? Who is there to pick up the pieces- the Sous Chef, the GM other managers? Well what happens when none of them know Chef’s secret sauce recipe? When none of them are trained on the online ordering system that he used to provision supplies. So what am I getting at here, be prepared for “The bus Method.” When someone gets hit by the bus, there should be a person or persons that know everything that Chef did everyday and know how he did it. This all comes back to training. At one of my old jobs, the owner preached about the bus method. Train those around you to do your job in the event that:  A) you get hit by a bus. B) you get a promotion and the transition for you is simpler. For me hat was all the motivation I needed, I could train other people how to do the things that I did on a regular basis, so I didn’t have to do them. Teach scheduling, ordering, meat fabrication, Etc. this left me more time for the things I wanted to do menu development, vacations, coaching/mentoring people around me more.

Always remember, that you’re not always training someone to replace you by them doing the job better than you. You are training them to take over if you unfortunately get hit by a bus.