The American Culinary Federation has the Slogan “The Standard of Excellence for Chefs.” It seems fitting that all chefs would want to achieve the maximum amount of success as possible. Now depending on what type of person you are defines how you determine success. If a Chef’s goal is to become a Michelin Star Chef, then when/if they receive that star they consider themselves successful. Others aim to achieve a certain amount of stars form newspapers/magazines. For Chefs whom are members of the American Culinary Federation aim to advance their Certification level. There are six levels within the organization (Fundamentals Cook, Culinarian, Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef, Master Chef)  that define who you are as a Chef. For me, my journey begins in the pursuit of Certified Executive Chef. The Second highest honor a Chef can earn within the organization. This is the journey I have started to pursue my goal…..