Why do people go out to eat? Most believe it is because they are hungry, that’s not true. If you are hungry, you will eat what is most readily available to you. In some cases, yes, that does mean grabbing some food at the local fast food chain. For others, it means an elegant evening at their favorite high-end restaurant.

Let’s talk about the act of going out to eat though. When people go out for dinner, they are genuinely looking for an experience rather than a meal. Going someplace and exchanging your hard-earned money for a full stomach all while being attended to. When you go out for dinner, someone else cooks for you, does the dishes, fills your cup, etc. It is a nice change of pace for you and your fellow diners. But what separates a good dining experience from a great dining experience? Is it the attention to detail that the server gave you and your table? Was it the cook that properly seasoned your food? Whatever your opinion is on how a proper dining experience should be, think about that the next time you are eating. Did you come here for the food or did you come here for the experience?