Restaurants Reopening in Indiana after COVID-19

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few months, then you are probably familiar with the pandemic going on known as COVID-19. With the list of “Essential” businesses out there, it is tough not to have an opinion on it. Let’s focus on what we like to talk about here on Chef Hacks: food. This has been an extremely difficult time for the restaurant industry and just trying to stay afloat. Offering takeout, family meals, grill packs etc. It certainly has been troubling times for the hospitality industry.

When we return to the brick and mortar establishments lets keep in mind some etiquette:

  1. The employees working there are risking a lot to serve you. They are serving you because their income depends on you, the owner depends on your dining experience to pay the bills and they need you there to keep the doors open in the future.
  2. Be generous- tip big! The service staff is probably hurting more financially then you are. They have been out of work for weeks. Most do not have the ability to file for unemployment, let alone have health insurance if they get sick.
  3. They might be a bit rusty. Being out of work for a bit, the server might have lost a step or two. The cook might not be moving as fluidly as he once did. It just from not doing the actions for weeks. They will get back into the grove, just be patient.
  4. Go now! Don’t wait for things to get back to “normal” before heading back to your favorite spot. They need your help right away, go dine, buy an extra appetizer, take some dessert to go, or buy an entrée for lunch tomorrow. Every extra dollar you spend with them will help them out more than you know.
  5. Last but not least, be kind. If you are genuinely that afraid to go out and support restaurants, then stay home and just order take out. The people working and the other guests dining don’t need their experience ruined by someone who is going to complain and question everything that is going on around them. Also don’t be reckless and not respect other people’s personal space. The governing agencies have set guidelines that we all should follow. Let’s respect that and be kind to one another.

New and exciting things are coming!

Coming out of this you know that we must come back stronger and more united. While I cannot speak for restaurants outside of Indiana, I know that there have been many movements to help ensure that the citizens here are doing their part to help ensure that we keep as many of our great bars and restaurants open. Social media I think has played the biggest driving force during COVID-19. Groups being formed to help get that word out about who is open and what they are doing or serving during the pandemic. I have seen people post that certain restaurants are having a rough time and are on the verge of closing and asking for help. Within hours cars are lined around the block to help support them. That my friends are the type of community I wish upon all of us!