The palate of the chef is one of the most diverse in humankind. They are a breed of people that will go out and spend $150 per person on a high-end dinner at the latest hipster spot in town that they read about on a local restaurant food blog. Then in the same breath, they will go out for PBR’s after that dinner and eat a bowl of Fruit Loops the following morning. Now a lot of people will say, yeah, I do that too. The difference is that chefs and cooks alike plan their budget around going out for dinners like this. Knowing the dedication and craft that is put into the dishes that are presented to them that evening. I am not saying that people are not educated in food, but you are not going to let your family doctor perform open heart surgery on you, are you? Trained restauranteurs just have a deeper knowledge and appreciation for the cuisine that is presented.

Chefs Go All In

Now diving deeper into the journey of a culinary professional going out for a high-end dinner, they spare no expense. Never will they say, “nah that’s too expensive” (outside of things deep in the wine cellar) they tend to want to see and try the most extravagant menu items. What chefs eat is a wormhole that you can go down in other Chef blogs but when they do splurge a weeks’ worth of groceries on one meal, you can guarantee that it will be over the top.  To answer the question – do chefs have expensive taste? The general answer is yes but why? Because they know better than anyone how much dedication and hard work goes into their craft. It is a way for them to become inspired and go back and want to out due their competition.